What is a Ocean Global?

Ocean Global is a pioneering force in decentralized finance, revolutionizing the blockchain experience. As a decentralized launchpad, our mission is to establish trust between project developers and the community, providing a secure platform for projects to thrive. Built on popular EVM blockchains like BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum, Ocean Global offers a multi-chain approach to fundraising through presales, crowdsales, and private sales.

More than just a launchpad, Ocean Global offers a suite of services, including Smart Liquidity Locking, Team Token Vesting, smart contract auditing, and the ability to mint custom tokens. Our dedication to transparency is evident in features like presenting lockup details clearly on our dashboard. For those seeking secure and innovative blockchain development, Ocean Global is the gateway to a new era of decentralized possibilities.

Liquidity locker


Liquidity Pool (LP) Locker:

Ocean Global's Liquidity Pool (LP) Locker service ensures the secure locking of team and liquidity tokens for projects built on BNB Smart Chain & Ethereum. Our time-released Smart Contract allows you to customize the lockup duration. Ocean Global takes a non-custodial approach, ensuring that your LP tokens are stored securely in the smart contract and can only be withdrawn by the initiating wallet after the lockup period.

Decentralized Launchpad for New Projects:

As a cross-chain decentralized launchpad, Ocean Global empowers new projects to raise capital and kickstart their blockchain journey. Our presale service is not limited to a single chain; it spans popular EVM blockchains, including BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum. Collaborate with an expanding network of third-party providers to comprehensively review your project, ensuring a secure and successful launch.

Ocean Global serves as the ideal launchpad for new blockchain projects, raise capital, kickstart your project, and collaborate with an expanding network of third-party providers for comprehensive reviews. Our technology is tailored to assist token developers in navigating the complexities of project launches, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both developers and investors.

Audit & Development Firm for Smart Contracts:

Ocean Global goes beyond traditional smart contract auditing. We provide continuous security throughout the deployment and execution phases. In an industry where the responsibility for smart contract security can be one-sided, Ocean Global offers a versatile solution. Developers can set rules based on the desired security levels, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for smart contract interactions.

Token Minter Function:

Ocean Global enables anyone to create their own token through our Token Minter function. This feature adds a layer of accessibility to the token creation process, allowing individuals to tailor tokens to their specific needs. Whether for personal use, community projects, or business ventures, the Token Minter function opens up new possibilities for token creation on our platform.

Testnet Support:

Before deploying on the mainnet, Ocean Global offers a testnet environment for users to familiarize themselves with our services. This allows developers to test features such as liquidity locking, presale, private sale, crowdsale, and more. Providing a risk-free testing ground ensures that users have a clear understanding of how each service functions before transitioning to the mainnet.


Why Ocean Global?

Decentralized Security:

Ocean Global pioneers a new era of decentralized security, ensuring the safety of projects on BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum. Our commitment to decentralization and autonomy sets the stage for a secure and reliable blockchain journey.

Multi-Chain Accessibility:

Diversity matters, and Ocean Global provides multi-chain support, allowing projects to choose the blockchain that suits their goals. Originally deployed on BNB Smart Chain, our services now extend to various EVM blockchains, offering flexibility for a broader range of projects.

Open-Source Innovation:

Ocean Global leads as the industry's first fully open-source launchpad. Transparency and innovation define our platform, inviting developers to customize functions in smart contracts. Contact us at [email protected] for bespoke solutions, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Comprehensive Solutions:

More than a launchpad, Ocean Global is a one-stop solution provider. From Smart Liquidity Locking to the Token Minter function, we fortify and advance blockchain projects. Our aim is to equalize the burden of smart contract security, allowing developers more time for exploration and innovation.

Testnet Support:

Ocean Global values risk-free exploration, providing a testnet for users to familiarize themselves with features like liquidity locking, presale, and more. This user-friendly testing ensures a clear understanding before projects transition to the mainnet, reflecting our commitment to empowering users effectively.



Ocean Global is a decentralized launchpad that provides a suite of services for blockchain projects. Our services include presales, liquidity locking, smart contract auditing, token minting, and more.
Ocean Global is the first fully open-source launchpad, allowing developers to customize smart contracts and fostering a collaborative and decentralized environment.
Initially deployed on BNB Smart Chain, Ocean Global's services now extend to popular EVM blockchains, including Ethereum, providing a multi-chain approach.
Ocean Global offers a testnet environment, allowing users to test features such as liquidity locking, presales, and more, providing a risk-free testing ground.
For custom functions in presale, crowdsale, or private sale smart contracts, developers can contact Ocean Global team at [email protected] for personalized assistance.
Ocean Global implements Smart Liquidity Locking, Team Token Vesting, and continuous security measures to enhance the safety of projects and instill confidence in investors.
Ocean Global follows a non-custodial approach with LP tokens, ensuring transparency and security by allowing tokens to remain securely locked in smart contracts.
Beyond initial auditing, Ocean Global extends security measures throughout the deployment and execution of smart contracts. This comprehensive approach minimizes the risk of security vulnerabilities and protects assets stored on the blockchain.
The Ocean Global dashboard transparently presents lockup details, providing investors with clear insights into the security measures implemented by projects. The Ocean Global dashboard transparently presents lockup details for liquidity and team tokens. This feature provides investors with clear insights into the security measures implemented by projects on our platform.
Ocean Global focuses on transparency and clear communication. The presentation of project information and lockup details in our dashboard not only enhances security but also builds confidence among investors in the projects hosted on our platform.
Ocean Global provides a decentralized launchpad for new projects, offering presales, private sales, and crowdsales. This cross-chain platform allows projects to raise capital.
Ocean Global, being the first open-source launchpad, offers custom functions in presale, crowdsale, and private sale smart contracts. Developers can reach out for tailored solutions.
Conducting a presale on Ocean Global provides projects with a secure and decentralized fundraising option, fostering community engagement and project success.
Absolutely. Ocean Global is committed to helping projects succeed. Developers seeking additional features or custom integrations can contact us at [email protected].
Create and deploy your own BEP20 Tokens effortlessly with Ocean Global Token Minter, our user-friendly online tool. Ideal for those with a real product and roadmap but lacking Solidity skills, this feature simplifies cryptocurrency launch on the BNB and Ethereum Blockchains. Enjoy the advantage of code without vulnerabilities, eliminating the need for external audits. As an extra perk, we provide a free audit report for added security. Launching a token through Ocean Global Token Minter earns you an exclusive "audited" badge, enhancing credibility when initiating sales on OceanGlobal. It's the perfect starting point for a secure and hassle-free token creation process..
Using Token Minter is a straightforward process. Users can access the function through our platform, configure token parameters, and initiate the minting process.
Upon confirming your transaction, you will find both the transaction hash and the Token contract address conveniently displayed on the Ocean Global Token Minter page.
Following deployment, the initial token supply will be securely held by the address used to deploy the token, which corresponds to your MetaMask wallet address.
Absolutely. Once your token is successfully deployed, you will have the opportunity to add relevant information, including a logo, to your token on BscScan using their provided procedure. If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out to us.
Certainly. Your token source code will undergo verification on BscScan. Should you require any additional information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.


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